Why are more and more people using HotDogs?

HotDogs strive to be the most admired mobile grooming company in South Africa. We create clients for life by being professional, reliable and friendly.

  • We have set the benchmark in the mobile dog grooming industry.
  • We are the biggest mobile grooming company in SA.
  • We are the leaders in the mobile grooming industry.
  • We take a moment to step into our clients shoes. ‘’We care’’.
  • We will always handle your pet gently and with respect.
  • We take responsibility for what we do.
  • We are professionals at what we do.
  • We produce quality work.
  • We are reliable.
  • We are friendly.
  • Our staff are all qualified.
  • Our prices are competitive.
  • We have built an established brand

At HotDogs we are professionals who are dedicated and committed to giving your best friend the undivided attention and gentle touch they deserve throughout their regular grooming process.

Our friendly staff are well accomplished and qualified in both pet and show dog grooming. All staff members at HotDogs are dog lovers. Patience and a calm manner when handling your pet is an absolute job requirement.

HotDogs take the responsibility of your dog’s grooming requirements into our capable hands because we are experts at what we do.

The foundation of our business is built on 4 pillars

  • An absolute love and passion for dogs.
  • The utmost care for their wellbeing.
  • Superior professional service.
  • Dedication to continuous client satisfaction.

Benefits of HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon

  • HotDogs owners no longer have the inconvenience of drop offs, collections, waiting and traffic.
  • HotDogs owners no longer need to be concerned about their dog having motion sickness or anxiety from being in the car.
  • HotDogs don’t suffer from separation anxiety.
  • HotDogs owners no longer have expensive trips to the vet to get nails clipped, anal glands secreted and ears cleaned.
  • HotDogs owners no longer have to experience the difficult, back breaking and messy procedure of bathing and drying their dogs at home.
  • HotDogs don’t travel in a van to and from the parlour, being tossed from left to right.
  • HotDogs are not put in cages and left to dry.
  • HotDogs don’t experience a noisy environment surrounded by a number of unfamiliar dogs and cats, barking and yelping.
  • HotDogs do not have to wait for hours locked in cages with no toilet breaks while they wait their turn.
  • HotDogs don’t experience over heating in the back of an unconditioned van, especially when they are the last ones to be delivered.


  • HotDogs are groomed at their own home
  • HotDogs are given undivided attention in a stress free environment. They are returned back to their garden immediately after their pampering is complete
  • HotDogs are groomed in a sterilised and hygienic van, eliminating the chances of ticks, fleas, parasites and unwanted infections.
  • HotDogs only use Professional branded salon equipment and products, clinically tested to be safe and gentle on skin and eyes.
  • HotDogs are handled with the utmost care and patience by our friendly team of experienced and qualified groomers.
  • HotDogs care for old dogs, sickly dogs and nervous dogs, that’s why we come to you.
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