What is mobile dog grooming?

Having your dog groomed regularly is extremely important to both you’re and your dog’s health and well being. You cannot afford to let your dog just stay dirty for very long periods of time, as this is where illnesses and bacteria thrive. This is then many times brought into your home, which can affect you directly. Now you might not be exactly sure of what mobile dog grooming is, but it is certainly one of the best methods to keep your dog healthy and looking great.

Traditionally dogs would be taken to dog salons where they are bathed and groomed, sometimes in terrible conditions and environments that you as owner are not even aware of, as the owners only see the front end of most dog parlours. This also involves the tedious task of having to transport your dog to and from the parlour, which can result in great problems and the dogs tend to get very anxious in moving vehicles and confined spaces. This is what makes mobile dog grooming the ideal option, as it eliminated both these factors.

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What is mobile dog grooming?What is mobile dog grooming?What is mobile dog grooming?What is mobile dog grooming?What is mobile dog grooming?What is mobile dog grooming?                                                                                                                                                                                        Call us today to make a booking!

Your dog is groomed in a safe environment they know and love, their home.

So what is mobile dog grooming? Simply put, mobile dog grooming is where bring the doggy parlour to you directly, allowing your dog to be groomed in a safe environment they know and love, their home. As our mobile dog salon contains all the necessary equipment and is laid out to accommodate any breed of dog, you can have the peace of mind that your dog will not have to wait their turn or share their personal space with any other unknown dogs. All we require from you is access to your garden tap and a standard electrical outlet. To combat the transfer of bacteria or fleas from one dog to another, we sanitize and disinfect the mobile dog salon throughout the day, and will only use a towel on your dog that has been provided by you. This way your dog will not be in any indirect contact with other dogs.

HotDogs Professional Mobile Grooming Salon; brings the doggy parlour to you.

What is mobile dog grooming?

What is mobile dog grooming other than a method of bringing a much needed service directly to your home to simplify the grooming process for you and your dog? As time passes your dog will grow even more accustomed to this grooming method and will build a trusting relationship with our dog groomers. For dog that are kept outdoors a grooming session once every four weeks should be fine, depending on the dog breed. If your dog spends most their time inside, the ideal would be to have your dog groomed once a week or at least biweekly. Contact us today to arrange for an appointment or if you would like to find out more about what mobile dog grooming is.

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