What does mobile dog grooming cost?

If you are looking for prices on mobile dog grooming service, you are in the right place! HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon is the preferred mobile dog salon in Johannesburg, with a fleet of mobile units that travel throughout the area.

What makes HotDogs a leading doggy parlour in town? We offer a convenient and professional service, combined with very affordable prices. Our dog grooming prices depend on the size of the dog, grooming package selected and additional services required. We aim to make our dog grooming prices cost-effective, to offer our clients great value for money.

If you select our regular grooming programme, you will get excellent discounts, making your dog’s grooming services even more affordable. Simply call or email us today to get a quote to groom your dog with the trusted mobile dog salon in Johannesburg. Great service and competitive prices are what you can expect when joining the HotDogs family! Contact us today to get a dog grooming quote and to make your dog’s grooming appointment.

If you look at what mobile dog grooming costs, you might actually be pleasantly surprised. Considering that the entire mobile dog salon is brought to your home for your comfort you would expect it to cost quite a bit more than taking your dog to the parlour, where in fact the pricing is competitive with many of the doggy salons out there.

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Instead of asking ‘What does mobile dog grooming cost?’ perhaps you should be asking why mobile dog grooming is worth every penny you spend on it. This is very simple to answer, convenience. The fact that you don’t have to drive your dog to the dog salon and back already makes this the much better option. Not to mention the convenience in regards to your dog’s experience. He or she will not have to sit around and wait their turn in a small cage along with other dogs as they are first in line when our mobile dog grooming salon arrives at your house

Some of our happy customers:

What does mobile dog grooming cost?What does mobile dog grooming cost?What does mobile dog grooming cost?What does mobile dog grooming cost?What does mobile dog grooming cost?What does mobile dog grooming cost?

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Why mobile dog grooming is worth every penny you spend.

Now we do require access to an electrical outlet and your garden tap, but the amount of water and electricity used is minimal, to an extent where you almost don’t have to factor it in when looking at what the mobile dog grooming costs. The fact that your dog does not have any contact with other dogs eliminates the possibility of fleas or bacteria being transferred to your dog, which in the long run will actually save you money on vet and medical costs. As the towel we use to dry your dog is one supplied by you, and the fact that the entire mobile dog salon is disinfected throughout the day ensures that your dog’s health is made priority.

Enquire about our extra dog grooming services

What does mobile dog grooming cost?The mobile dog grooming cost will be calculated depending on the grooming package and extras you decide on. Hot Dogs Mobile Grooming offers you a standard grooming package, as well as the ‘Style me up’ package where your dog’s hair is cut and styled by hand according to your exact specification. This obviously takes a little bit more time, but our standard grooming package is usually completed in under an hour depending on your dog’s size and hair type. We also have multiple extra services available including tear duct stain removal, dematting and excess hair removal to mention a few. We have a specialized package for show dogs as well to ensure that they are in tip top shape even when inspected up close.

What does Mobile Dog Grooming cost?’ is the question on your mind.

What does mobile dog grooming cost?
What does mobile dog grooming cost?

Mobile Dog Grooming Pricelist

If you’re looking for an affordable mobile dog grooming pricelist, you are in the right place! See our dog grooming pricelist for professional mobile dog and cat grooming services in Johannesburg. The price will differ depending on the size and breed of dog, as well as the package you select for your pet. When grooming more than one dog with HotDogs you will also enjoy some discount! There are also additional grooming services you can add on at a small additional fee. See our comprehensive dog grooming packages and services to make your selection.

Get discount on regular grooming programmes

When opting for a regular grooming programme for your dog, you will not only enjoy always having a clean and healthy pet, but will also get discounted prices! We will ensure that your beloved pet is looked after and groomed on your preferred interval cycle. We offer grooming cycles from 1-12 weeks, depending on your dog’s personal needs.

You will be able to make your dog’s grooming appointments in advance (which you can reschedule without penalties), and we will send you reminders of your dog’s appointment. Make use of our cost-effective dog grooming prices so that there’s no excuse for not having a clean and happy pet!

Great service at excellent dog grooming prices

Our convenient dog grooming service is definitely value for money. We will save you time and effort – no need to take your dog to the pet salon, when the doggy parlour can come to you! Get great value for money and en enjoyable grooming experience when making use of HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon for all your dog’s grooming needs.

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