We recommend grooming your beloved pet every 4 to 6 weeks, or more frequent visits if your dog is accustomed to an indoor lifestyle.

Regular grooming will build a trusting relationship between your dog and the groomers, making the overall experience more pleasurable for your pet.


HotDogs Standard Package:

  • Thorough brush and comb out to remove debris, loose hair and tangles.
  • Ensure inner ears are protected from getting wet to avoid infection.
  • Warm shampoo wash with professional branded shampoo.
  • Warm condition treatment with professional branded conditioners, coat dependant.
  • Massage to stimulate skin and check for lumps, hot spots and other skin irregularities.
  • Check anal glands and secrete if necessary.
  • Warm water rinse.
  • Pour over tick and flea eliminator if needed.
  • Towel dry to remove excess water.
  • Temperature and speed adjustable blow dry.
  • Thorough coat styling brush out.
  • Clean and Sanitise ears.
  • Clean eyes.
  • Nail Clipping.
  • Anti-bacterial spritz.
  • Powder or deodorizer.
  • Hair accessorize.
  • Your newly salon groomed HotDog is then immediately returned home to continue their daily doggy duties.

HotDogs Style Me Up Package:

Includes the Standard Package as well as:

  • Clipping and shaving for the summer heat.
  • Scissor styling and trimming all over.
  • All breed cuts or owner specification cuts.
  • Sanitary clip – This is where we shave or trim the ‘you know what area’ so that your pet can go to the loo in a more sanitary manner.


Shedding Solution – R30
specialised equipment is used to remove around 70% of excess shedding hair that normal grooming would not, so it does not end up all over your house. This is commonly used for breeds with double coats such as the Husky and Labrador.

Teeth brushing – R10
Please note that this will not replace the need to have your dog’s teeth descaled by a veterinarian. We will use a disinfected doggy toothbrush and Pet Dent toothpaste.

Anal Glands Excretion – No extra charge
your dog may be experiencing discomfort by blocked or full anal glands. Discomfort is evidenced by the dog dragging its posterior on the ground (“scooting”), licking or biting at the anus. We will check and excrete the glands if required at no extra charge.

First Timers Cut and / or Bath
introductory bath and / or cut recommended for puppies after their first vaccinations. Making sure they are comfortable and that their first experience is a good one.

Dematting – No extra charge
This will only be done if the dog can be dematted without experiencing pain or discomfort as this is a lengthy and uncomfortable procedure for your dog. If the matting is excessive we will contact you to suggest alternatives.



We will ensure that your beloved pet is looked after and groomed on your preferred interval cycle. You should be grooming your pet every 4 weeks. We offer cycles from 1-12 weeks.

Advantages of joining our ‘Regular grooming program:

  • There are GREAT payment discounts offered.
  • You will not be affected by any price increases if you take payment / discount option.
  • No waiting for weeks for appointments when we are fully booked.
  • Your pet is always kept in Tip Top condition and looks great.
  • We take the responsibility of your bookings and grooming into our hands.
  • We will e mail you all of your dates and will always remind you the day before of your appointment.
  • Appointments can be moved / cancelled without being penalised.

Comfort first in our salon


  • Warm water geysers are installed for your pet’s pleasure and comfort.
  • Professional temperature controlled salon Dryers are utilised to ensure the drying process is done quickly and thoroughly.
  • We utilise only professional branded equipment and consumables to maintain HotDogs high quality standards.

All we require from you


  • One towel per dog to towel dry before we blow dry. We use your towel on your dog only, to ensure that no skin conditions are passed from home to home.
  • Access to your closest electrical plug point to your driveway.
  • Access to your closest garden tap to your driveway.
  • We have all extensions and hoses needed.

HotDogs shampoos, conditioners and deodorisers

All HotDogs grooming products contain FDA approved ingredients, these ingredients are not tested on animals or derived from any animal products.

The foaming agents in the shampoos are derived from coconut oil.

The fragrances used are hypoallergenic.

Ingredients incorporated are mild and safe for use on your pets.

Each product contains moisturising agents to assist with dry, flaky skin.

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