Reliable Mobile Dog Groomers in Johannesburg

Dog grooming services can be very handy and helpful to have, especially if you are after mobile dog groomers in Johannesburg. This will allow you to have your four legged friend professionally groomed at your own home without you having to get the right equipment and shampoos on your own.

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Affordable and Professional Dog Grooming at your Home

HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon specialises in dog grooming and our mobile team can come out to your home, to groom your dog professionally and affordably. Our salon was uniquely designed to ensure that the needs of every pet will be met and that we maintain a high standard of service at all times.

We specialise in mobile dog grooming services in the following areas:

We have many great features to our mobile dog grooming salon. We have warm water geysers that are installed for your pet’s comfort, as well as professional temperature controlled salon dryers to make sure the process is handled quickly and thoroughly. We only use the highest professional branded equipment and consumables to maintain our high operating standards.

We have a standard package that includes brushing and combing, warm shampoo wash, message to stimulate skin and check for lumps, a pour over tick and flea eliminator, thorough coat styling brush out, cleaning of ears and nail clipping. In addition to this, we also provide extra services like the removal of shedding hair teeth cleaning, tear duct cleaning and dematting.

Mobile dog groomers are ideal for pet owners who simply do not have the time to groom their dogs personally; these services are ideal for dogs of all sizes. With a team coming out to your home at a convenient time, you will benefit from having the best service at an affordable price, in your own back yard. Contact us today and book an appointment for a professional mobile dog groomer in Johannesburg.

Reliable Service at an Affordable Price.

If you are looking for reliable mobile dog groomers in Johannesburg, look no further than HotDogs Mobile Grooming Salon. We specialise in mobile grooming and our pricing is very affordable. All we require from you is one towel per dog, access to your closest electrical plug point to your driveway, and access to your closest garden tap in your driveway or street.

Some of our happy customers:

Mobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & Kyalami

Reliable Mobile Dog Groomers in Johannesburg
Reliable Mobile Dog Groomers in Johannesburg
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