Professional Mobile Dog Grooming in Midrand

Your four-legged friend deserves the best treatment and special attention as they are not only our pets but also part of the family. This is why it’s a great idea to have them groomed from time to time, but doing this on your own can be quite difficult. Not only because they might be difficult to handle if they are large, but you don’t always have the knowledge of a professional groomer. This is why you can benefit from mobile dog grooming in Midrand.

Mobile dog grooming incudes a variety of services that are ideal for dog owners to benefit from. If you work with an experienced team like Hot Dogs Mobile Grooming you can expect your dog to get a thorough brush and comb to remove debris and loose hair, as well as a warm shampoo wash, a thorough coat styling, nail clipping, and a pour over tick and flea eliminator. We will make sure that your dog is treated to a great grooming session so that they can enjoy their brand new look at home.

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Professional Mobile Dog Grooming in MidrandProfessional Mobile Dog Grooming in MidrandProfessional Mobile Dog Grooming in MidrandProfessional Mobile Dog Grooming in MidrandProfessional Mobile Dog Grooming in MidrandProfessional Mobile Dog Grooming in Midrand

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We offer a “Style Me Up” package in Midrand

You can also choose from a Style Me Up package. This includes all the standard services in our grooming package, as well as nail clipping, breed-specific styling, as well as a sanitary clip where we shave your dog so that he or she can go to the loo in a more sanitary and convenient manner. These are just some of the services we offer and you can request specific services for your four-legged friend.

We can provide you with a quotation as prices will vary between different sized dogs. Some grooming sessions might take longer than others, and we know that some dogs might need a bit more attention than others. You can have more than one dog groomed in the same session, making it convenient for dog owners with multiple dogs. We recommend that you consider a grooming session every four to six weeks for the best results.

When you want to make use of our mobile dog grooming in Midrand, all we need from you is one towel per dog, to ensure that no skin conditions are passed from one home to the next. We will also need access to your nearest electrical outlet to the driveway or street, as well as your closest garden tap.

Mobile Dog Grooming services in Midrand

Hot Dogs Mobile Grooming specialises in mobile dog grooming in Midrand. We know that good grooming means great heath for the dogs and their owners which is why we take good care of your four legged friend.

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