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Although Pitbulls might look like a breed that requires minimal grooming, all dogs require an intensive grooming session every few weeks. HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon will take care of your Pitbull grooming services in Johannesburg, and will groom your Pitbull from head to toe.

Even though the Pitbull has a short coat, it requires regular brushing and special treatment every now and again. This will help to remove loose hair and dirt, rid the coat of ticks and fleas, an promote blood circulation for skin and coat health. Regular grooming will provide your Pitbull with the healthy and glowing coat that Pitbulls are known to have. Make your Pitbull’s grooming appointment with the leading dog groomers in Johannesburg – Contact HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon today!

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Leading mobile dog groomers in Johannesburg

HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon is a leading mobile doggy parlour in Johannesburg, grooming various dog breeds right across town. We provide our clients with a professional, convenient and affordable dog grooming service.

  • Professional grooming: Our trained and experienced team know that Pitbulls love attention. Your Pitbull will be in good hands when being groomed by our loving team of groomers. The grooming service covers all the services you would expect from a professional groomer – from an enjoyable warm wash and conditioning treatment with a leading brand of dog grooming products, to a comfortable blow dry, nail clipping, ear sanitising, eye cleaning and more. See our complete grooming package online or contact us today about our Pitbull / dog grooming services.
  • Convenient service: Grooming your dog regularly takes time and effort. Let our professional team of groomers take care of the hard work for you! HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon will groom your dg inside our mobile doggy parlour, parked right in your driveway. This make grooming convenient and efficient for our clients.
  • Affordable dog grooming: HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon offers affordable dog grooming prices. We also offer a regular grooming programme with great payment discounts – enquire today about our grooming prices and packages!

When considering all the benefits such as the convenience, professionalism and affordable prices, there’s no reason why you can’t groom your dog on a regular basis. Trust the team at HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon for all your Pitbull grooming needs.

Contact HotDogs for Pitbull grooming services today

If you want your Pitbull to have a clean and healthy looking coat, make you appointment with the leading mobile dog groomers today! We know that you will be more than satisfied with the grooming services received. HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon have been grooming dogs in selected Johannesburg for many years – become part of the HotDogs family, make an appointment for your dog today.

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