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Trusted Pet Salon in Roodepoort & Ruimsig

Need a pet salon in Roodepoort or Ruimsig?  Let the professional team from HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon groom your dogs and cats professionally, and according to their individual needs.

You can rest assured that your pet will be in good hands when being groomed by the groomers from HotDogs. Our groomers are trained and experienced in grooming dogs and cats of all breeds, and will treat your pet with love, patience and care.

Make a appointment with the trusted pet groomers in Roodepoort or Ruimsig today. We also service clients in various Johannesburg areas.

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Comprehensive pet grooming service at your home

HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon offers a professional and comprehensive dog grooming service for our client base in Johannesburg. HotDogs offers more than just a dog wash service – get the full dog grooming package you need for your dog’s specific grooming needs.

Our dog and cat grooming service at this pet salon on Roodepoort and Ruimsig will start off with a thorough brush out to remove loose hair, dirt, and other debris, and also to remove matts and tangles if possible. Your dog or cat will then enjoy a comfortable warm shampoo, during which he or she will receive a doggy massage that will stimulate the lymphatic drainage system, and promote a healthy blood flow to the skin. This results in a healthier and shinier coat. The shamo will be rinsed off, after which a coat-specific conditioner will be applied, to ensure that your dog or cat’s skin and hair is soft and moisturised.

Other grooming essentials included when selecting HotDogs as your pet salon in Roodepoort / Ruimsig are:

  • Comfortable blow dry
  • Treatment for ticks and fleas
  • Nail clipping
  • Ear sanitising and eye cleaning
  • Anal gland excretion if required
  • Powder, perfume and accessories.

Should you wish to cut your dog’s hair into a specific style, you can select our Style me up package, which includes scissor styling, shaving and shearing. Other optional extras to choose from are dematting, teeth brushing, shedding solutions and more. See our comprehensive pet grooming service offered by this trusted pet salon in Roodepoort / Ruimsig.

Make an appointment for your pet today!

Our team of friendly and professional groomers will take good care of your dog. Make an appointment today to become part of the HotDogs family.

You will enjoy:

  • A professional service completed by trained and experienced dog / cat groomers.
  • All the dog / cat grooming services you require for your pet.
  • Cost-effective pet grooming prices, making it affordable to groom your pet regularly.

Get in touch with the team from Hotdogs today for the information you require, and to make your booking.

Some of our happy customers:

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Pet Salon in Roodepoort / Ruimsig - Call HotDogs
Pet Salon in Roodepoort / Ruimsig - Call HotDogs
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