Pet Grooming Services

Pet Grooming Services

If you are in need of a trusted and reputable pet grooming service in the Johannesburg area, you are in the right place. HotDogs Mobile grooming Salon is a trusted pet salon for dogs and cats, grooming clients’ pets in selected Johannesburg areas.

The fact that we will groom your dog right in front of your home inside our mobile dog and cat grooming parlour, makes HotDogs the most convenient choice of groomers for your pet grooming services needs in Johannesburg. Contact us today to make an appointment for your cat or dog, with the leading pet grooming service provider in town!

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Grooming cats and dogs across Johannesburg

HotDogs Mobile Grooming Salon has built a strong reputation amongst dog owners in the Johannesburg area, as a dog salon that provides professional and convenient pet grooming services.

  • Dog grooming: Our team of groomers are experienced in grooming dogs of all breeds and sizes. Whether you are simply looking for a professional groomer for your big dirty dog, or are in need of grooming and scissor styling for your Yorkie, HotDogs Mobile grooming Salon is for you. We offer affordable grooming services, and even lower prices when you choose a regular grooming schedule package.
  • Cat grooming: It’s definitely not an easy task when it comes to grooming your cat, which is why the team at HotDogs is here to assist. We will take good care of your cat, and they will be less stressed knowing they are not away from their home. We will complete the grooming process professionally and efficiently, and return your cat straight home once the grooming process is done.

HotDogs Mobile Grooming Salon definitely is the most convenient, professional and cost-effective pet grooming service in Johannesburg – view our range of grooming services to see what’s included in your grooming package.

The benefits of regular professional pet grooming services

Grooming your pets regularly with a professional pet grooming service provider is essential for their skin and health. Here’s how you and your dog / cat will benefit from regular grooming sessions with HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon:

  • Healthy skin and coat: A regular grooming schedule will contribute to a healthy skin and coat for your dog / cat. A comfortable warm wash and massage will improve blood circulation to the skin, as well as aid in lymphatic drainage, which both promote healthier looking and improved skins and coats.
  • Get rid of ticks and fleas: Professional pet grooming services by HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon include the removal of ticks and fleas. Dogs and especially cats are prone to these bugs, and can bring them into your home. Ticks can also be deadly for our pets, which is why a regular tick and flea treatment is essential.
  • Detect irregularities: Our team of groomers are trained and experienced, and will assess your dog’s skin and coat during the grooming process. Regular grooming will ensure that any lumps or skin irregularities are detected early on.
  • Minimise dog / cat hair in your home: Our pet grooming service includes a thorough brush and comb to remove all the loose hair, meaning less hair will fall out on your furniture and in your home.
  • Clean and happy pet: Overall, you will enjoy a cleaner and happier pet when grooming them on a regular basis with the leading pet groomers in town. Enquire about our pet grooming services available in Johannesburg for your dog / cat today!

Contact HotDogs Mobile Dog & Cat Grooming Salon in Johannesburg today!

Make your dog or cat’s appointment with our mobile pet grooming services in Johannesburg today! Once you’ve experienced this convenient option when it comes to grooming your pets, you will never want to visit a regular cat / dog salon again.

HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon travels to selected areas in Johannesburg. Find out when we will be in your area and make your cat / dog’s grooming appointment – Contact us!

Some of our happy customers:

Mobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & Kyalami

Pet Grooming Services
Pet Grooming Services

How often should I groom my dog?

Not all dogs are groomed at the same intervals. Some dogs need to be groomed more often due to their coat types, skin condition or living environments. Dogs that are outdoors a lot, will get dirtier faster, and dogs with long hair may require regular grooming at shorter intervals to prevent tangles and matting. Discuss your dog’s needs with a team member at HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon, in order to determine the best grooming interval for your dog. Trust HotDogs for excellent pet grooming services and professional advice!

Why your pet needs professional grooming

Surely you can choose to groom your pet at home yourself, right? Of course – this is great, but your pet will definitely benefit from grooming with a professional pet salon every now and again. A professional groomer will pay attention to detail, and ensure that all the essential grooming services are taken care of, such as nail clipping, ear sanitising and eye cleaning. Our groomers will also assess the condition of your dog’s skin and coat, and apply shampoo and conditioner accordingly. Read more about the benefits of using HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon for your pet grooming services.

Breed specific dog grooming

The team of groomers from HotDogs will provide a tailored grooming service, to suit your specific dog’s needs. If your dog requires breed specific scissor cuts, shaving or clipping, HotDogs is the pet salon for you! Our groomers are trained and experienced in grooming all breeds and sizes, including Yorkies, Poodles, Scottish terriers, German shepherds and more! Browse through our list of dog breeds we specialise in, or contact the trusted pet groomers in Johannesburg today for more information about breeding your specific dog.

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