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Grooming long-haired dog breeds like Pekingese and similar breeds can be quite tricky and hard work to do yourself. If you have a long-haired dog, you will greatly benefit from using the services of a mobile dog salon. HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon is trusted by many Pekingese owners in Johannesburg, when it comes to their dog’s grooming needs.

Our groomers are trained and experienced in grooming dogs with long hair, including your little Pekingese, and will have your dog looking clean and healthy in no time. Contact HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon to groom your Pekingese professionally – we offer a professional and convenient service for dog owners in Johannesburg.

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Convenient dog grooming service in Johannesburg

Our busy schedules don’t always allow for regular dog grooming sessions, resulting in dogs that look dirty and shabby. HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon will take the task of driving your dog to the groomer off your hands, by arriving at your home at the pre-arranged time to groom your dogs. Our mobile dog parlour is fully equipped with everything needed to groom your Pekingese professionally. From warm wash and conditioning treatments to shaving and breed specific styling – we can do it all in our mobile doggy parlour.

How our convenient dog grooming service works:

Our mobile dog parlour will park right in your driveway at the time of the appointment, and a professional HotDogs groomer will come to collect your dog. We will need access to an outdoor tap and an electricity point, as well as a clean towel (for hygiene reasons). Your Pekingese will be groomed according to his / her needs and the agreed upon services inside our mobile doggy parlour. See what our dog grooming packages include as well as our list of optional services.

Grooming your Pekingese with HotDogs Mobile dog Grooming Salon

Long haired dogs require regular grooming to protect their skin and coats. Grooming should start at an early age to ensure your dog gets used to the grooming process, which will make it less stressful for your dog. Our groomers will start by combing and detangling your Pekingese’s hair, which will be followed by a comfortable warm wash and conditioning treatment with professional branded doggy shampoo. A tick and flea treatment will ensure that your dog’s coat is bug free. Other grooming services include blow drying, nail clipping, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, coat styling, anti-bacterial sprits, powdering and deodorising as well as hair accessorising.

Book a grooming appointment with the leading dog groomers in town for your Pekingese’s grooming needs. We know that both you and your Pekingese will be happy to be groomed right on your doorstep,

Some of our happy customers:

Mobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiPekingese Groomers in JohannesburgPekingese Groomers in JohannesburgMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiPekingese Groomers in JohannesburgPekingese Groomers in Johannesburg

Pekingese Groomers in Johannesburg – Hotdogs Grooming
Pekingese Groomers in Johannesburg – Hotdogs Grooming
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