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For most people grooming their dog may seem like a dreadful task to attempt on your own. As most dogs are not very fond of standing still and being washed, blow dried or having their hair cut, they may end up giving you a hard time. But what other options are there other than taking your dog to a doggy salon where you have no idea what exactly happens to your dog once you leave, or how they are treated by the groomers.

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Mobile Doggy Salon Sandton & BryanstonMobile Doggy Salon Sandton & BryanstonMobile Doggy Salon Sandton & BryanstonMobile Doggy Salon Sandton & BryanstonMobile Doggy Salon Sandton & BryanstonMobile Doggy Salon Sandton & Bryanston                                                                                                    Call us today to make a booking!

Our mobile doggy salon offers you the help of a professional doing all the dirty work, and that just outside your home. No driving around trying to keep your dog calm, we bring the doggy salon to you! All we need from you is one power outlet and access to your garden tap. The mobile doggy salon itself contains all the necessary equipment needed to take care of the grooming process swiftly and successfully. No need to worry about your dog having to share a confined space with other dogs that may have fleas or any other transferable disease. Our mobile doggy salon is cleaned and sanitized throughout the day, eliminating the dangers you may have to face in a traditional dog parlour.

Using our Mobile Doggy Salon will ease the grooming process

With our mobile doggy styling station we keep the mess outside of your home, and leave you with only your perfectly groomed dog. Depending on where your dog spends most of his or her time, we would recommend that your dog is groomed every 2 to 4 weeks. If you and your dog share the same living space, it is crucial that they are cleaned as often as possible. With the option of using our mobile doggy salon services this becomes very easily obtainable.

We offer a standard dog grooming package including all the necessary motions, as well as a package where more custom doggy styling is done according to your exact specifications. The dog’s hair is hand cut and styled to give your dog the appearance that you desire. Other service we offer in our mobile doggy salon include dematting (if we are able to complete the process without causing pain or discomfort to the dog), teeth cleaning, excess hair removal, tear duct stain removal and more.

The HotDogs Grooming Mobile Doggy Salon is designed for dogs

Mobile Doggy Salon Sandton & BryanstonFor us keeping your dog happy and relaxed during a grooming session is not difficult at all, as our

mobile doggy styling station is designed and set up to accommodate both your dog and groomer perfectly. You no longer need to worry what happens to your dog at the dog salon while you are not there, you will be able to see exactly where and by whom your dog will be groomed. Contact us today to book a grooming session for your dog – Leading mobile doggy salon in Sandton & Bryanston.

Mobile Doggy Salon Sandton & Bryanston
Mobile Doggy Salon Sandton & Bryanston
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