Mobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & Kyalami

You may have attempted the task of washing and grooming your dog yourself at home before, and probably discovered that it is not as simple as you first thought. The only reason you would have tried this could be that you know your dog hates going to a dog salon where he or she is left alone and often mistreated by people who just want to get the job done. Nobody wants to go through the heart break of leaving your canine friend somewhere you know they do not want to be. Thankfully with the Hot Dogs Grooming Mobile Doggy Salon servicing Rivonia & Kyalami you no longer have to part with your dog to get them groomed.

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We Love Dogs !!

Our trained staff has a love for dogs and will take great care of your dog being gentle throughout the entire grooming process. We will still take care of every aspect of the grooming session but at the comfort of your own property. By making use of our Mobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & Kyalami the amount of time that the grooming takes up from start to finish is reduced considerably as there is no traveling involved for you or your dog, and no waiting period for another dog to be finished up. Your dog is our only client from the get-go and will have our dedicated attention the whole time. This also eliminates the transference of fleas or other doggy diseases your dog might have picked up if he or she had to share a small space in a standard dog salon’s waiting area.

All we need from you to get started is access to an electrical outlet and your garden tap. From there the grooming session can kick off and will rarely last longer than one hour, depending on specific requests you may have and the size of your dog. These grooming sessions should be carried out around once every four weeks if your dog stays outside, but more often if you share the same living space. We would then recommend that your dog is groomed once a week or at least once every second week, as your health can be badly affected if the grooming sessions are spread too far apart or not carried out by professionals.

Our Doggy Salon is designed for Comfort

Our Mobile Doggy Salon in has been designed with the comfort and well being of your dog in mind. The layout is planned according to the movement during the grooming session, and all surfaces are easy to clean. With your dog’s health being our priority we make sure that the entire parlour is disinfected and thoroughly cleaned throughout the day. For your dog’s own safety we require you to provide us with a towel to be used on your dog alone, so that there is no possible indirect contact with any other dog.

Give us a call to discuss the possible options available in our Mobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & Kyalami.

Some of our happy customers:

Mobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & Kyalami
Mobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & Kyalami
Mobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & Kyalami
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