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Professional Mobile Dog Grooming in Rangeview & Sydenham

Convenient mobile dog grooming service in Rangeview & Sydenham – Let’s face it, grooming your dog yourself is not always as fun as it might have seemed, and taking your dog to the parlour is difficult to fit into your busy schedule. That is why you should choose HotDogs as your dog grooming salon in Rangeview and Sydenham. We make dog grooming convenient, and spread joy wherever we go!

Look no further for dog grooming salons in Rangeview, Sydenham or other Johannesburg area we service. Choose HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon today so that you can enjoy a clean and happy pet, without the hassle. Contact HotDogs to make an appointment for your dog.

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Why HotDogs is the best!

Apart from the fact the we just love dogs, our mobile dog salon offers a convenient and professional service, that will fit your pocket. We offer a well-rounded dog grooming service that includes every grooming detail your dog will require. Whether you have a big short-haired dog that simply needs a good scrub, or a high maintenance Yorkie that required s professional scissor cut regularly, we can take care of it all.

Our mobile salon is equipped with everything we will need to ensure a comfortable grooming session for your dog. We will do our best to make your dog feel at ease, so that they will have a good grooming experience.

Our groomers are trained and have extensive experience in grooming dogs of all breeds and sizes, and we groom cats too! Your dog will be groomed according to your specifications, and to meet its needs. Our grooming service is all-inclusive, covering every aspect from head to toe. Our service, depending on your selected grooming package, may include:

  • Brushing & detangling
  • Dematting
  • Warm shampoo & conditioning
  • Doggy massage
  • Tick and flea treatment
  • Nail clipping
  • Eye cleaning
  • Ear sanitising
  • Anal glad excretion
  • Teeth brushing
  • Shaving or shearing
  • Scissor cuts
  • Shedding solutions
  • Powder, perfume & accessories.

Mobile Dog Salon in Rangeview & SydenhamMobile Dog Salon in Rangeview & Sydenham

Contact HotDogs for a professional dog grooming service in Rangeview, Sydenham many other Johannesburg areas we service.

Get a quote and book your spot!

Our dog grooming salon is extremely popular amongst dog owners in Johannesburg, so find out when we will be in Rangeview, Sydenham or your area next to book your dog’s appointment.

HotDogs is a leading mobile dog parlour in Johannesburg, always aiming to provide a professional service, and keep our clients (the dogs) happy! Become part of our family, join HotDogs an attend to your dog’s grooming needs. A clean pet is a happy pet!

Some of our happy customers:

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Mobile Dog Salon in Rangeview & Sydenham - HotDogs
Mobile Dog Salon in Rangeview & Sydenham - HotDogs
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