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Mobile Dog Salon in Krugersdorp / Witpoortjie

Looking for Professional Dog Groomers in Krugersdorp / Witpoortjie?  Rely on HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon, the trusted doggy parlour in town!

HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon is a trusted name amongst dog owners in Johannesburg, travelling to many selected Johannesburg areas to groom dogs. Look no further for doggy parlours in Krugersdorp or Witpoortjie, when the leading dog parlour can come to you!

Make a grooming appointment for your dog today to make use of this convenient, professional and affordable dog grooming service. Contact HotDogs.

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Enjoy many benefits when choosing HotDogs as your dog salon

  • Convenient choice of grooming: What could be more convenient than grooming your dog with a professional dog salon that comes to your home? No more taking time out of your busy schedule, driving your dog to the doggy parlour or causing unneeded stress for your pet by leaving it at the dog salon. Let the professional dog groomers come to you. HotDogs offers a complete dog grooming service that includes all the essentials and extras your dog will require. Once we are connected to an outdoor tap, an electricity point and have received a clean towel (for hygiene reasons), the grooming will begin!
  • Affordable grooming prices: We make dog grooming affordable, so that our customers can groom their dogs regularly at a cost-effective price. Get discount when grooming more than one dog, and when you choose a regular grooming programme. Get a competitive quote from the trusted dog groomers in Krugersdorp / Witpoortjie today!
  • Professional grooming at your home: We provide all the services you would expect from a professional dog parlour, not just a wash and go! Our comprehensive dog grooming service includes everything from a wash and conditioning treatment, to breed specific cuts, nail clipping, teeth brushing and more. See our complete list of essentials included in our dog grooming service.
  • Health benefits for your dog: Grooming your dog regularly is important for a number of health reasons. Get rid of ticks and fleas, harmful bacteria, dirt and germs. Our professional dog groomers in Krugersdorp and Witpoortjie makes use of branded products, which is great for your dog’s skins and coat health, ensuring a healthy shiny coat. Regular grooming also prevents painful matts from forming, and any skin conditions or lumps can be detected early for treatment.

Book with HotDogs – Preferred dog salon in Krugersdorp and Witpoortjie

Trust the leading dg groomers in Krugersdorp and Witpoortjie for a professional dog grooming service. We will definitely exceed all your expectations, and guarantee that you will love our team and service. We love dogs – Become part of the HotDogs family today!

Contact HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon to make your dog’s grooming appointment.

Some of our happy customers:

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