Mobile Dog parlour in Johannesburg

Taking your dog to a dog salon might seem like the last thing you want to do, as this involves so much hassle just getting your dog in and out of your car not to mention the fact that you have to leave your dog somewhere you are sometimes not even allowed to see the work area of. The worries of how your dog is treated or in what conditions they are kept can be very upsetting. By booking your dog’s next grooming session in our Mobile Dog parlour in Johannesburg helps you avoid all of this. We bring our Mobile Dog wash to your home, eliminating the entire process of your having to put yourself and dog unnecessary discomfort.

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Some of our happy customers:

Mobile Dog parlour in JohannesburgMobile Dog parlour in JohannesburgMobile Dog parlour in JohannesburgMobile Dog parlour in JohannesburgMobile Dog parlour in JohannesburgMobile Dog parlour in Johannesburg                                                                                                                                                                                        Call us today to make a booking!

Your dog does not have to share its space with any other dogs when getting groomed.

Once we gain access to a standard electricity outlet and garden tap, we are ready to groom your dog in our Mobile Dog parlour. No need of your dog having to wait around for his or her turn, as we are there for your dog and your dog alone. Even the transference of fleas or ticks are eliminated as your dog does not have to share its space with any other dogs, and the only towel we use is one supplied by you for your dog specifically. Our Mobile Dog wash parlour is sanitized and disinfected throughout the day, providing your dog with a safe environment to get groomed in.

A grooming session is recommended once a week or biweekly if your dog lives inside your home and shares your living space, but if your dog is more of an outside dog a grooming session in our Mobile Dog parlour once every four weeks will be sufficient. If you were to extend the times between grooming sessions for too long, it can have major consequences for your dog and its health. Your dog’s posture can be heavily affected and might experience severe neck and back problems, all this brought on by just not having your dog’s toenails clipped regularly. There are many small things we take care of in our Mobile Dog parlour in Johannesburg that have a major impact on your dog and is preventative of many issues you may experience if they are not looked after.

How often should I have my dog groomed?

Mobile Dog parlour in Johannesburg

We advise that your dog should be groomed every 4 – 6 weeks, for health and hygiene reasons.  HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon offer regular grooming packages in 1 – 12 week cycles.

We seldom take more than one hour to complete your dog’s grooming, depending on your dog’s size and breed of course. If your dog has long hair or you would like a specific cut or style for your dog as specified in our ‘Style me up’ package, the grooming session may take a little longer than just the standard wash, as this is done by hand and we strive to deliver a service that you and your dog can be proud to show around town. Contact us today to book your dog’s visit in our Mobile Dog parlour in Johannesburg.

Mobile Dog parlour in Johannesburg
Mobile Dog parlour in Johannesburg

The Benefits of Regular Professional Dog Grooming

Professional grooming offers a lot more than just providing you with a cleaner or better looking pet. Here are a few reasons and benefits you will enjoy when grooming your dog regularly with HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon:

  • Health: Regular grooming will help to keep your dog healthy by improving blood flow and stimulating the lymphatic drainage system to help get rid of toxins. Your dog will also be checked for lumps and skin conditions, so that you can treat any conditions early on. We will ensure that your dog’s ears are sanitised, and can include a teeth brushing service to ensure healthier teeth.
  • Hygiene: Professional grooming with branded dog care products will help to remove germs and bacteria that accumulate on your dog’s coat, in its ears and under its eyes. If your dog stays indoors, regular grooming will help to ensure a cleaner pet for your family to enjoy.
  • Hair: A thorough brush will help to remove loose hair, resulting in less dog or cat hair in your home and on your furniture and clothes.
  • Ticks and fleas: Pets that stay outdoor are prone to ticks and fleas. Our dog grooming service includes a tick and flea treatment to remove these harmful bugs, and to help prevent future infestation.

Trust HotDogs for a professional service

The team from HotDogs will exceed all your expectations in terms of professionalism, friendliness and reliability. We have become a leading mobile dog salon in Johannesburg, by providing our clients with a professional, convenient and affordable service. Don’t go to the dog salon, when the dog salon can come to you!

Become part of the HotDogs family – make your dog’s appointment with the trusted mobile dog salon in Johannesburg.

HotDogs specialise in grooming the following dog breeds:

mobile dog grooming in Johannesburg
mobile dog grooming in Johannesburg
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