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Grooming your dog has never been so easy. Mobile dog salons are changing the way people groom dogs, not only in Johannesburg, but around the world. A mobile dog salon truly is the convenient choice of doggy parlours when it comes to grooming your dogs. HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon is the leading mobile doggie parlour in Johannesburg, and will assist you with your dog grooming needs in Willowild.

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What is a mobile dog salon?

Firstly, making use of a mobile dog salon means that you will never have to drive your dog to the dog parlour ever again! Why take the time and effort to drive your dog to the parlour and back when a fully equipped mobile doggy parlour straight to your home. HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon comprises of a number of mobile doggy parlour units, which are sent out to groom dogs across Johannesburg including the Willowild area. Our mobile dog parlour contains we will need to groom your dogs professionally and efficiently. Your dog will enjoy a warm wash and conditioning treatment as well as a very comfortable blow dry to ensure an enjoyable experience for them. Our dog grooming package includes all the grooming services you will require for your dog. This includes nail clipping, ear cleaning, treatment for ticks and fleas, eye cleaning, styling and a bacterial spirits to name but a few. View our complete dog grooming package and services on our website, or contact us today for more information about your specific dog’s grooming needs.

You can trust our team to offer a professional and efficient dog grooming service. At HotDogs Mobile DOg Grooming Salon we only make use of professional branded dog grooming products, containing ingredients that are FDA approved (and not tested on animals of course).

How will the grooming process work?

Our mobile dog parlour will park right in your driveway at your home in Willowild. We only require the use of your nearest outdoor tap, access to an electrical plug, and a clean towel. Our groomers will collect your dog for the grooming process to begin. You dog will be powdered and perfumed for the finishing touch, after which he / she will be taken back to your garden or home.

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