Mobile Dog Grooming Salon in Bloubosrand

Looking for a trusted doggy parlour in Bloubosrand? HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon is a professional doggy parlour in the area, grooming dogs professionally and conveniently. With a mobile dog grooming salon like us at your service, there’s no excuses not to groom your dogs regularly! HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon provides clients with a convenient and professional service, grooming dogs in our fully equipped mobile units, right in our client’s driveway.

Call the leading mobile dog groomers in Bloubosrand today to make an appointment for your dog at a time that suits you best. We will collect your dog, and return him / her safely home again once groomed.

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Trust the professional doggy salon in Bloubosrand to groom your dogs

No more Saturday morning appointments at the doggy parlour and driving your pet to and from the dog salon – simply book a date and time with our mobile doggy salon, and we will come straight to your home. Our mobile dog salon is equipped with all the essential dog grooming facilities, including a warm wash and blow dry, so that your dog will be warm and comfortable. Our dog grooming packages include a number of dog grooming services, just as you would receive from any top dog salon. Let our professional and experienced team of groomers attend to your dog’s grooming needs.

Some of our happy customers:

Mobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & KyalamiMobile Doggy Salon in Rivonia & Kyalami

How it works – all about mobile dog grooming

Well the first and most important thing is that you will never have to drive your dog to the parlour ever again! We guarantee that once you make use of HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon in Bloubosrand, you will never need the services of a regular dog parlour. We will arrive at your home for your dog’s grooming appointment at the arranged time. We will only require three things from you: a clean towel to be used on your dog only, access to an outdoor tap and access to an electricity point. Once we have collected your dog, the grooming services will commence:

  • We will start off with a thorough comb to get rid of loose hair and debris.
  • Your dog will receive a warm wash with branded doggy shampoo (ensuring their ears are protected at all times).
  • Depending on your dog’s coat, we will select the appropriate branded doggy conditioner.
  • A doggy massage will be included to improve blood circulation and to check for any lumps or other irregularities.
  • Anal glands will be checked and secreted if necessary.
  • A warm rinse and tick & flea treatment will follow.
  • The coat will be towel dried, blow dried and brushed out.
  • Your dog’s ears will be sanitised, eyes will be cleaned and nails clipped.
  • Lastly, your dog will receive an anti-bacterial sprits, powder or deodorised and accessorised.

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Mobile Dog Grooming Salon in Bloubosrand
Mobile Dog Grooming Salon in Bloubosrand
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