Mobile Dog Grooming in Sandton and Randburg

Whether your dog is an adventurer by heart roughing it up in the outdoors or a luxury loving part of your family, they still need to get groomed often for them to stay healthy. This may sound like a tedious task to both you and the little on getting groomed, but with a mobile dog grooming service this becomes a breeze.

As most dog owners are not usually allowed in the back end of dog salons, its hard to really know what happens behind closed doors and if your dog is being looked after in the way you would want. If your dog is being groomed at your home in our mobile dog grooming salon, you can rest assured that there will be no stress for neither you nor our little (or huge) client!

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Some of our happy customers:

Mobile Dog Grooming in Sandton and RandburgMobile Dog Grooming in Sandton and RandburgMobile Dog Grooming in Sandton and RandburgMobile Dog Grooming in Sandton and RandburgMobile Dog Grooming in Sandton and RandburgMobile Dog Grooming in Sandton and Randburg                                                                                                                                                                                        Call us today to make a booking!

Usually a grooming session is due more or less every 4 weeks, unless your dog is more homely and around you and your family more often. This requires your dog to be groomed more often, to prevent bacteria or germs to be brought into your living space. We are all for dogs, but our family’s health has to come first. Even if your dog sleeps and eats in your home, fleas and other problematic diseases tend to cling to pets, which are then transferred into your home if a grooming session is not carried out regularly. This is where our mobile dog grooming services in Randburg and Sandton come in, simplifying the entire process for you and your dog.

HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming is the ideal solution

Our mobile dog grooming salon is disinfected daily and all of our equipment are kept spotless. With the requirement of having you provide us with your dogs own towel, the transfer of fleas and any other bacteria is eliminated. It is our policy to deliver a professional service in a clean environment, keeping your dog’s health and well being a priority. The fact that we come to your home in Sandton or Randburg immediately eliminates the discomfort your dog experiences while being driven back and forth from home to salon. Not to mention them now not having to wait their turn in a small cage like they have to in some salons. With us they are our only and most important client, and will be treated like that.

Mobile Dog Grooming services we offer

Mobile Dog Grooming in Sandton and RandburgWe offer a variety of dog grooming packages and services, from your standard grooming package to different add-on’s like dematting, hand-stripping, teeth cleaning and more. Want a custom hand cut look for your dog? We can surely help you with that! We not only provide the monthly wash and trim, but offer a professional service for show dogs where that little bit extra needs to be done to have your dog ready for close inspection. Contact us today to book a mobile dog grooming session, both you and your dog will be pleased with the outcome.

Mobile Dog Grooming in Sandton and Randburg
Mobile Dog Grooming in Sandton and Randburg
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