Mobile Dog Grooming in Rivonia

Your dog is either living a lavish life being pampered often and sleeps inside your home, or likes the freedom of the great outdoors where he or she can take pleasure in rolling around in the grass to their hearts content. Either way, they still need to be groomed at least every four weeks to ensure that they are healthy and can move around with ease. Our mobile dog grooming services in Rivonia makes the grooming process much simpler. No going back and forth to and from the salon with your dog feeling anxious during the trip.

Mobile dog grooming salon Glenferness

Some of our happy customers:

Mobile Dog Grooming in RivoniaMobile Dog Grooming in RivoniaMobile Dog Grooming in RivoniaMobile Dog Grooming in RivoniaMobile Dog Grooming in RivoniaMobile Dog Grooming in Rivonia                                                                                                                                                                                        Call us today to make a booking!

This can prove to not be a safety hazard to only you, but to others on the road as well. As a dog owner we don’t even know exactly how our dog will be treated during the grooming process at a doggy salon, as we are not allowed into the area where the dogs are kept or washed. This makes one wonder of if this is really in the best interest of our dogs at all.

Hotdogs Mobile Dog Grooming in Rivonia, we come to you.

Our mobile dog grooming salon is certainly a game changer in the grooming industry. As we come to you and not the other way around, grooming your dog is no longer a task you need to plan around or look up to. Simply book your dog’s grooming session and we will take care of the rest. The duration between grooming appointments differ from dog to dog, depending on their lifestyle, hair type and breed. If you and your dog share the same living environment, he or she should be groomed once a week or at the very least every two weeks. This is to ensure that your home stays clean and nothing is transferred into your house from outside. Even though we love our dogs deeply, we need to handle our own health and our family’s health as priority.

To keep any fleas or other diseases from being transferred from one dog to another, our mobile dog grooming salon is cleaned thoroughly throughout the day and disinfected properly. For Hot Dogs Mobile Dog Grooming in Rivonia, providing your dog with an environment that he or she finds comforting and relaxing is a priority. This makes for a stress free grooming process for both the dog and you the owner. There is no need for your dog to be locked in a cage waiting their turn as they would have to in some doggy salons, as they will go straight from your home to the mobile grooming station and back once we are done without any waiting periods before or after.

We also offer a show dog service.

Mobile Dog Grooming in RivoniaWe offer you a basic mobile dog grooming package that covers all the much needed processes, a package for when you have a certain look in mind that needs to be hand cut, and a multitude of other services like teeth cleaning, dematting and hand stripping among others. If you are the proud owner of a show dog, we also offer you a service that does not only include all the needed grooming but we also go the extra mile to make sure that your dog is ready for when they are inspected up close. Contact us today to book a mobile dog grooming appointment for your dog.

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