Mobile Dog grooming in Johannesburg

As none of us true know how our dogs are treated when we take them to dog parlours, there will always be a slight uneasy feeling when we leave them in the hands of the groomers. Now there are many dog grooming salon owners and managers who truly have a love for the animals, but can be simply overpowered when put under a lot of pressure when the number of dogs to be groomed increases. Thankfully with mobile dog grooming in Johannesburg there are no situations where your dog has to share his or her space with other dogs where diseases or fleas can be transferred. When removing the factor of the dreadful trip to the salon the idea of mobile dog grooming certainly becomes an attractive one.

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Mobile Dog grooming in JohannesburgMobile Dog grooming in JohannesburgMobile Dog grooming in JohannesburgMobile Dog grooming in JohannesburgMobile Dog grooming in JohannesburgMobile Dog grooming in Johannesburg                                                                                                                                                                                        Call us today to make a booking!

All that we need from you to make our mobile dog grooming salon a fully functioning doggy salon, is access to an electrical outlet and a standard garden tap. The rest will be taken care of! You will be able to see firsthand how much simpler this process is as opposed to taking your dog to a dog grooming salon. The bond between your dog and our groomers will strengthen even more as time goes by and sessions are booked regularly. To keep your dog healthy and your home clean we strongly recommend that your dog does not go without a grooming session for longer than four weeks, especially if your dog spends the majority of their time inside your living space.

Have a specific style in mind? Hot Dogs Mobile Dog grooming in Johannesburg offers a ‘Style me up’ package’

There are a multitude of things we take care of during a grooming session, some not even always noticeable. Take your dog’s toenails for example. It has been proven that if they are not clipped regularly, your dog’s entire posture can be affected as they would have to adjust their way of walking and placing the paw to the ground. The necessities like this and many others are covered in our basic grooming package. If you have a specific style in mind for your dog, you should talk to us about the ‘Style me up’ package, where we give your dog a custom cut by hand according to your preference. Some of the other service available from Hot Dogs Mobile Dog Grooming in Johannesburg include our shedding solution make away with all your dog’s surplus hair, teeth cleaning, dematting if it can be carried out without discomfort and a First Timer Cut for puppies once their first vaccination has been received.

Hot Dogs Mobile Dog Grooming in Johannesburg services include teeth cleaning.

Mobile Dog grooming in JohannesburgWith our mobile dog grooming salon being disinfected daily and cleaned with proper care, you have no need to worry about the transfer of anything like fleas or ticks. We will only use a towel supplied by you the owner to ensure that nothing is shared between your dog and a previous client’s. Give us a call to book your dog’s mobile grooming session. Both you and your dog will certainly be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the entire process.

Mobile Dog grooming in Johannesburg
Mobile Dog grooming in Johannesburg
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