Mobile dog bather and cleaners in Johannesburg

Caring for our dogs and keeping them clean and healthy is our top priority as dog owners. We are constantly looking into ways of simplifying the processes of exactly this by introducing the use of mobile dog bathers and cleaners. We all know that a trip to a doggy salon is not your dog’s favorite thing as they are not only feeling anxious in your vehicle on the way there, but they are not looking forward to the prospect of being confined in small area having to share their space with other dogs from a variety of owners who don’t all see their dog’s health as very important.

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Mobile dog bather and cleaners in JohannesburgMobile dog bather and cleaners in JohannesburgMobile dog bather and cleaners in JohannesburgMobile dog bather and cleaners in JohannesburgMobile dog bather and cleaners in JohannesburgMobile dog bather and cleaners in Johannesburg


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You may have tried grooming or just washing your dog yourself, but depending on their size this might have not been as easily carried out as you may have thought originally. This is where mobile dog cleaners in Johannesburg come in. We bring our portable dog salon to your home, where we carry out the entire grooming process right on your doorstep. From the bathing and washing to cutting and styling their hair, we make sure that every dog that walks out of our mobile dog washing station looks the best they possibly can.

What mobile dog bathers need from you

All we as mobile dog bathers require from you is an electrical outlet and access to your garden tap. The rest is for us to take care of. Our mobile salon is built with your dog’s comfort and health in mind. The entire area inside the salon is cleaned and disinfected throughout the day, keeping little critters like fleas and other bacteria at bay. You have no need to worry about your dog contracting anything from our mobile dog parlour as we also use a towel that is provided by you the owner, guaranteeing you that your dog is not touched by anything that can contain something picked up from the dog cleaned before yours. The fact that your dog is the only one we handle throughout the process, keeps your dog from having contact with other dogs whose background you have no knowledge of.

Have your dog cleaned as often as possible

Mobile dog bather and cleaners in JohannesburgIt is ideal that you make use of our mobile dog cleaning and bathing services at least once every four weeks if you have a dog that lives outside, and bi-weekly for a home dog. The reason for this is simply to keep the living space you and your dog may share in a clean state as little unwelcomed guests are easily brought in from outside, causing a risk to you and your family. Giving a mobile dog cleaner a chance will certainly change your perspective of how simple the grooming process can be.

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