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Grooming a cat at home it definitely not an easy task. If you cat is in need of regular and professional grooming in the Sandton or Rivonia area, let our experienced groomers assist. Our groomers will bathe and groom your cats professionally and hassle free.

Cats might groom themselves all day, but this doesn’t get rid of bacteria, dirt and fleas. Regular professional grooming for cats is essential, as they often pick up ticks and fleas while roaming areas and coming into contact with other cats and animals. It is essential to follow a regular grooming schedule, to prevent these bugs from entering your home. Contact the leading mobile cat parlour in Sandton and Rivonia to groom your cat at an affordable price.

Trust HotDogs for a professional and convenient cat grooming service

If you are not up to the task of grooming your cat yourself, or taking your cat to the parlour, let HotDogs Mobile Grooming Salon assist. The benefits of using our mobile cat parlour includes:

  • Convenient service: No need to struggle with your cat in order to take him or her to the groomers, when a professional cat groomer can come right to your home and groom your dog inside a mobile cat salon.
  • Professional grooming: We are trained and experienced in grooming cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes. Your cat will thus be in good hands when left in the care of our team of groomers. Our grooming packages include all the services you would expect from a professional grooming salon, that are required to get your cat looking and feeling clean and fresh. Enquire about our cat grooming packages for more information.
  • Affordable prices: We aim to make grooming pets affordable for our clients, which is why we offer competitive prices on our grooming packages. Contact us today for a quote to groom your cat in Sandton or Rivonia, and to book your cat’s grooming appointment.
  • Health benefits: Your cat needs to be groomed on a regular basis to ensure their skin and coats are healthy and free from harmful germs and parasites, regular grooming will also help to detect any skin conditions, lumps or other irregularities, helping early treatment of any problems.

Trusted mobile cat parlour in Johannesburg

Contact the leading cat groomers in town to visit your home in our fully equipped mobile cat parlour on a regular basis, so that you can enjoy a clean and happy cat. Call HotDogs Mobile Grooming Salon today.

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