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When it comes to Jack Russells, there are three different coat types, and each one requires different grooming methods, and needs to be groomed on a regular base. If you own a Jack Russell, then you will know that this dog breed sheds excessively, leaving dog hair on your carpet, furniture and even clothes. But don’t let the shedding get you down –a regular grooming schedule will help minimise shedding and the amount of loose dog hair in your home.

HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon is a leading doggy parlour in Johannesburg, and will take care of all your dog’s grooming needs. We are experienced in all Jack Russell coat types, and will apply the best grooming methods to suit your dog’s needs (see our comprehensive grooming packages). Make an appointment for your dog’s grooming session with HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon today!

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The benefits of regular dog grooming with a professional groomer

Regular grooming with professional groomers offers many benefits for you and your dog. Dog grooming with professional branded shampoo will help to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy as well as looking and smelling great. Avoid the frustration of taking your dog to the regular salon, and let HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming come to you. We will groom your Jack Russell in the comfort of your own driveway (in our mobile dog salon), meaning there’s no need to take time out of your busy schedule to take your dog to the doggy parlour. The process is easy and efficient, making it very convenient for our clients.

Regular grooming will also ensure your dog is free from ticks and fleas, preventing these bugs from entering your home. Our groomers are also trained to perform a doggy massage during the dog bathing process, which promotes blood flow for a healthy coat, and also helps to detect any skin conditions and irregularities such as lumps, early. Your dog will look and feel clean and fresh after grooming with our professional groomers, resulting in a happy dog and happy owner.

Let the leading doggy parlour groom your Jack Russell professionally

Trusting HotDogs mobile Dog Grooming Salon will save you money, time and effort, which is why our dog salon is becoming the preferred choice of doggy parlours in Johannesburg.

Make an appointment with the leading dog parlour in Johannesburg today to groom your Jack Russell. We trust that you will be more than happy with our efficient, professional and affordable service, and will never use a regular dog parlour again!

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Jack Russell Groomers in Johannesburg – Hotdogs Grooming
Jack Russell Groomers in Johannesburg – Hotdogs Grooming
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