Husky Grooming in Johannesburg

Grooming a Husky is definitely not a walk in the park… This double-coated large dog breed requires professional grooming to ensure their skin and coat stays clean and healthy. If you’ve ever tried to groom a Husky before, you will probably agree that it requires some grooming tools and time.

If you are not up to the task of grooming your Husky yourself, and simply don’t have the time to take the dog to the parlour and back every few weeks, why not get the professionals to assist. HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon will bring the dog salon to your home – Our mobile doggy parlour will park right outside your house, to groom your dog conveniently at the agreed upon time.

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Grooming a Husky

Siberian Huskies shed their undercoats twice a year. This can cause quite a lot of dog hair to end up on your floor, furniture and clothes. Although Huskies don’t require grooming as regular as other double-coated dog breeds, a regular grooming schedule will help to keep them comfortable and their coats clean, as well as remove loose hair.

Working with the thick hair and coat of a Husky can be daunting, which is why many Husky owners leave it up to the professionals. HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon will groom your Husky professionally and according to their specific grooming needs. Our mobile dog salon is fully equipped to handle your Husky’s grooming services, and will take care of all the hard work for you.

Our grooming service includes all the services you would expect from a professional groomer. Your Husky will receive a warm shampoo and conditioning treatment, with branded dog grooming products. Your Husky will also be treated for ticks and fleas, to rid your dog of these bugs and to help prevent infestation. Take a look at the grooming services included in our grooming package, or talk to us today for the information you require.

HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon provides a shedding solution for dogs with undercoats, at a small additional cost. This will remove excess shedding hair that normal grooming would not.

Trust the leading Husky groomers in town

If you are in need of Husky groomers in Johannesburg, let the leading dog groomers in town assist. We trust that you will be more than satisfied with the services received.

Contact HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon today to make your Husky’s grooming appointment. Experience our convenient, professional and cost-effective service yourself, to see what all the fuss is about! Don’t take your dog to the doggy salon, when the doggy salon can come to you!

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Husky Grooming in Johannesburg
Husky Grooming in Johannesburg
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