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German Shepherds require quite a lot of grooming, and it is quite a daunting task if you are not fond of dog grooming as the owner. Let the professionals assist when it comes to your German Shepherd’s grooming needs. A thorough brush is required on a regular basis to keep the thick, long hair looking healthy, free of tangles and to prevent matting.

The team at HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon are experienced in grooming these large dg’s, and will take care of all your German Shepherd’s grooming needs. HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon is a trusted mobile doggy parlour in Johannesburg, grooming dogs of all breeds and sizes in our mobile unit. Contact the leading mobile dog parlour in town to for your German Shepherd’s grooming needs.

What is included in our mobile dog grooming service?

Hotdogs mobile dog grooming salon includes all the grooming services your German Shepherd will require, in our standard grooming package. You can expect the following services when grooming your German Shepherd with HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon:

  • Once your dog is collected, the grooming will start inside a mobile doggy parlour
  • Your German Shepherd’s thick coat will be brushed thoroughly to remove loose hair, tangles and dirt.
  • Your dog will enjoy a warm doggy wash with our branded doggy shampoo, and will also be treated to a relaxing doggy massage. Your dog’s skin and coat will be inspected thoroughly for any skin conditions and irregularities, so that it can be treated. A warm rinse and conditioning treatment will follow.
  • During the grooming process the ears will be sanitized, nails clipped, eyes cleaned and their teeth can be brushed at an additional fee.
  • Your German Shepherd will be treated for ticks and fleas which is essential for dog breeds with thick long hair.
  • A quick towel dry and relaxing blow dry treatment will follow.
  • Once try your German Shepherd is clean and dry, he / she will be powdered and perfumed and also styled according to your requirements.

Contact leading German Shepherd dog groomers in Johannesburg today

If your German shepherd is in need of a thorough grooming service, contact the professional dog groomers in Johannesburg today. The team at hot dogs mobile dog grooming salon in grooming German Shepherds as well as all other dog breeds. Your dog will be left in good hands when in the care of the hotdogs team. Make an appointment with the trusted German Shepherd groomers today.

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