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Professional Dog Shaving, Clipping & Scissor Styling Service

When it comes to shaving, clipping and scissor styling your dog’s coat, it’s best to get the professionals to assist. HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon is a trusted doggy parlour in Johannesburg, offering a professional shaving, clipping and scissor styling service. Our team of groomers are trained and experienced in breed and owner specific cuts, ensuring that the dog is groomed according to the owner’s requirements.

HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon is a leading dog parlour in town, assisting clients in many selected Johannesburg areas when it comes to their dog’s grooming needs. Join our long list of happy clients – make your dog’s appointment with HotDogs today!

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Shaving, clipping or scissor styling your dog’s coat

Dog breeds have different requirements when it comes to shaving, clipping or scissor styling. The team from HotDogs can provide all the advice you need when it comes to your dog’s specific coat, to ensure that you make the best decision for your dog.

  • Shaving / clipping: Some dog breeds require shaving every now and again to keep their coats inline, like poodles and Yorkies. Always remember not to shave the hair too short, to leave some protection against sunburn. Clipping certain areas on the dog’s coat is also essential for some dog breeds, for sanitary reasons. Shaving dogs with double coats is not always advised, although some owners prefer it. Discuss your needs with a groomer at HotDogs to make the right decision for your specific dog.
  • Scissor styling: Should your dog only require some scissor styling and a trim here and there, we’ve got the team for the job. Our groomers are experienced in scissor styling, and will perform all owner specific cuts.

Leading mobile groomers in town

Trust the leading dog groomers in Johannesburg to groom your dogs. We aim to offer a professional, convenient and affordable dog grooming service for our clients, making it possible for them to groom their dogs more regularly.

Our mobile dog salon is fully equipped with all the facilities and equipment needed to offer a professional and comprehensive dog grooming service – why take your dog to the parlour, when the doggy salon can come to you! From a warm wash and conditioning treatment, to a speed adjustable blow dry and more. We only make use of reputable brands of dog care products, to ensure the best results for your dog. Your dog will be in good hands when left in the care of our groomers.

Contact HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon today to make an appointment for your dog. We travel to selected Johannesburg areas – find out when we will be in your area next!

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