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HotDogs Mobile Dog grooming Salon is a leading doggy parlour, trusted by many dog owners in Roodepoort areas including Ambot, Aanwins, Amorosa and more. If you are looking for a professional dog groomer that will attend to all your dog’s  grooming needs at a cost0effective price, HotDogs is the doggy parlour for you.

We offer a comprehensive dog grooming service inside our mobile doggy parlour. From a warm wash and blow dry, to nail clipping and other grooming essentials – we do it all. Contact the trusted dog groomers in selected Roodepoort areas today to make an appointment for your dog.

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Why you should rely on HotDogs to groom your dogs

With many dog groomers in the area, how do you go about choosing the best groomer for your dog’s grooming needs? HotDogs is fast becoming the doggy parlour of choice in Roodepoort and other selected Johannesburg areas. Here’s why:

  • Our service is convenient: What could be more convenient than a dog salon that comes right to your home? We will park our mobile dog grooming salon in your driveway right outside your home, and collect your dog for its grooming appointment. Once we have access to a tap for clean water, and connect to the nearest electricity point, we will start grooming your dog.
  • Our service is professional: As a reputable dog salon, you can expect high levels of professionalism from us. Our mobile doggy parlour is fully equipped to groom your dogs professionally and efficiently, right on your doorstep! Our groomers are trained and experienced, and most importantly, love dogs. Your dogs will be in great care when left in the capable hands of our groomers. From shaving to ear cleaning, we can do it all inside our mobile dog salon.
  • Our service is cost-effective: We aim to make our grooming service cost-effective, so that it is affordable for our clients to groom their dogs on a regular basis. Get a competitive quote to groom your dogs today.

Give us a try! We know that you will love our team of groomers and our mobile doggy salon, and will never want to use another dog salon again! Call or email HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon today.

Contact HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon in Roodepoort to groom your dogs!

Make an appointment for your dogs at HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon in Aanwins, Ambot, Amorosa and many other Roodepoort areas. We guarantee that both you and your dog will be satisfied with the results. Should you require additional information about our dog grooming services, discuss your needs with a professional team member. Become part of the HotDogs family – groom your dogs with us for a healthy and happy pet!

Read more about why professional dog grooming is important, or see our dog grooming services available.

Some of our happy customers:

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