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If grooming your dogs yourself is a task that you don’t look forward to, let the leading dog grooming salon in Parktown & Westcliff assist. HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon is a trusted mobile doggy parlour in Johannesburg, grooming dogs of all breeds and sizes professionally. You can expect a professional, efficient and affordable service when making use of HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon to groom your dogs. Your dog’s health and hygiene is our priority – contact HotDogs Mobile dog Grooming Salon today to book your dog’s grooming appointment with the leading mobile doggy parlour in Parktown & Westcliff.

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Complete dog grooming service in our mobile doggy parlour

Our comprehensive dog grooming service includes all the grooming services you would expect from a top dog salon in Johannesburg. We will groom you pooch from top to toe inside our mobile doggy parlour, leaving him / her feeling, looking and smelling clean and fresh. Your dog’s grooming service would typically include the following services:

  • A thorough comb to remove all loose hair and dirt, which also helps to stimulate blood circulation to the skin for a healthier coat.
  • Your dog will receive a comfortable warm shampoo and conditioning treatment, during which they will also be massaged to stimulate the lymphatic drainage system and to check for any lumps and skin irregularities, so that it can be diagnosed and treated.
  • Your dog will be treated for ticks and fleas, for bug free coats.
  • A towel and blow dry treatment will follow, to ensure your dog is completely dry.
  • Nail clipping, ear sanitising and eye cleaning is at the order of the day, ensuring your dog is groomed thoroughly.
  • To complete the grooming process, your dog will be powdered, perfumed and accessorised, and returned straight back home when done.

Trust the leading dog groomers in Parktown & Westcliff to groom your dogs – contact HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon today for more information about our grooming packages and options, and to make an appointment for your dog.

Trusted dog groomers in Johannesburg

You can rely on our professional dog groomers to groom your dogs, and you can rest assured knowing that your dog is in good hands. Our dog groomers are trained and experienced, and will take good care of your dogs when left in our care. Contact us today to book your dog grooming appointment in Parktown & Westcliff.

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