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If you are seeking the assistance of a professional dog groomer in Robin Hills or Robindale, let the leading doggy parlour assist. HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon is fast becoming the doggy salon of choice in Robindale and Robin Hills, as well as many other Johannesburg areas services by our grooming company.

Let our team of trained and professional groomers come to your home in our mobile doggy salon, to groom your dogs. We trust that you will be more than satisfied with the services received, and so will your dog! Make an appointment with the trusted dog salon / dog groomers in Robindale or Robin Hills today.

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Why groom your dogs with HotDogs?

What exactly sets HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming apart from other regular groomers? Here are a few benefits and reasons why you should book your dog’s grooming appointment with HotDogs Mobile Dog grooming Salon:

  • Convenience: Nothing is more convenient when it comes to dog grooming, than letting the dog grooming salon come you! No more hassles taking your dog to the groomers, taking time out of your busy schedule or letting your dog wait in a cage for hours. Make the convenient choice – let HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon come to you. Your dog will be groomed inside our spectacular mobile salon, equipped with everything we require for a professional grooming service.
  • Professionalism: You can expect high levels of professionalism met trusting the team of groomers from HotDogs Mobile Dog grooming Salon to groom your dogs. Groomers are trained and experienced in grooming all dog breeds, as well as cats. This ensures that your dog will be groomed professionally, and according to its needs.
  • Cost-effective: Our dog grooming prices are truly affordable, as we aim to make regular grooming possible for everyone. We even have regular grooming packages, to help you save even more!
  • We love dogs: You can rest assured knowing that your dog is in good and loving hands. You are welcome to check on your dog at any stage. Once the grooming is complete, your dog will be returned to the garden or home.
  • Less stress: Professional grooming can be quite stressful for dogs. This is why we aim to make the process as little stressful as possible, by offering an efficient grooming service, handling the dogs with care, and returning them to their homes as soon as possible.

Contact the leading dog grooming salon in Robindale and Robin Hills

Make your dog’s appointment with the leading dog salon / dog groomers in Robindale / Robin Hills today, and become a part of the HotDogs family! Contact us for more information, and to make an appointment at a time that suits you best.

Some of our happy customers:

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