Dog grooming at your home in Johannesburg

Have you ever tried carrying out a dog grooming session at your home? As this is not exactly a dog’s favorite thing to do, they tend to be a handful sometimes. But what is the alternative? Dropping your dog off at a salon in Johannesburg where you have no idea what really happens behind those doors once you leave?

Unfortunately the majority of people do think that this is their only option. With the option of dog grooming at your home we can offer you a solution that benefits both you and your dog.

Mobile dog grooming salon Glenferness

Some of our happy customers:

Dog grooming at your home in JohannesburgDog grooming at your home in JohannesburgDog grooming at your home in JohannesburgDog grooming at your home in JohannesburgDog grooming at your home in JohannesburgDog grooming at your home in Johannesburg                                                                                                                                                                                        Call us today to make a booking!

Dog grooming at your home will simplify the process

By keeping your dog in an environment that they know and love, the process runs a lot smoother than any other method of grooming you might have tried. We bring over our mobile dog grooming salon fitted with absolutely everything needed to give your dog a professional wash and grooming session, with only access to an electrical outlet and garden tap needed from you. As your dog never needs to get into a car to drive him or her to a salon, they stay calm and experience no anxiety as they would have being trapped in your vehicle for what seems to them to be forever.

Your dog will be treated like our one and only client, as during their appointment that is exactly what they are. Dog grooming at your home immediately eliminates the need for your dog to be cooped up in a little cage with no space to move around, waiting their turn in a long line of other dogs sharing the same space with them. This is also where some bacteria or even fleas are transferred, as you have no idea in what shape the dog waiting next to yours is in. Our mobile grooming salon is disinfected throughout the day and thoroughly cleaned with a pressure cleaner, giving any unwanted guests no fighting chance. By using a towel that you provide us with on your dog, you are guaranteed that it has only been in contact with your dog and your dog alone.

How often you should have your dog groomed?

Dog grooming at your home in JohannesburgOur dogs provide us with so much joy and laughter, why should there be something that both we and they look up to every few weeks? Your dog’s grooming process can be a simple and stress free one. The dog grooming at your home should take place at least every 4 weeks, with live-in dogs usually weekly depending on their size and hair type. Dog grooming at your home

 does not have to turn into a messy situation that takes up half your day. Get the professionals in Johannesburg to take care of your dog’s grooming.

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