Cat Groomer in Featherbrooke Estate & Noordheuwel

Leading Cat Groomers in Featherbrooke Estate & Noordheuwel – If you are in need of a trusted cat  parlour in your area in Johannesburg, HotDogs is the mobile cat salon for you!

HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon is a trusted pet parlour in Johannesburg, providing a professional dog and cat grooming service for pet owners in Featherbrooke Estate & Noordheuwel and many other selected Johannesburg areas.

See why everyone is choosing HotDogs when it comes to cat groomers in Featherbrooke Estate & Noordheuwel. Make a cat grooming appointment with our professional team today, so that you can enjoy a clean and happy cat (well, as happy as a cat can be…)!

Ensure a healthy and happy cat with regular grooming

No matter what breed cat you have, regular professional grooming is essential. It is important to maintain your cat’s skin and coat, to prevent certain health issues and for hygiene reasons. If you are not sure how regular you should groom your specific cat, discuss your pet’s grooming needs with us. We will advise you on the best grooming interval to suit your cat’s specific condition and needs.

Grooming your pet regularly with a professional dog or cat groomer, is definitely to your, and your pet’s advantage. Here are some of the reasons and benefits of regular professional cat grooming service:

  • Removes loose hair: Regular grooming helps to remove loose hair, meaning less hair will fall off in your home and on your furniture.
  • Overall skin and coat health: Help to maintain a healthy skin and coat by grooming your cat regularly with the help of a professional cat parlour. Our warm wash includes a comfortable massage that stimulates the lymphatic drainage system and promotes blood flow that results in a healthier, cleaner and shinier coat.
  • Grooming essentials: Our grooming service includes all the grooming essentials your cat will need, ensuring your cat is groomed from tip to tail.
  • Prevent and treat skin problems: Regular grooming with a professional groomer will to detect any skin related issues like lumps or rashes early on, so that it is easier to treat. Our grooming products are also coat dependant, ensuring that the grooming meets your cat’s individual needs.
  • Get rid of ticks and fleas: Cats are quite prone to ticks and fleas. Our grooming process includes a treatment for ticks and fleas, which helps to prevent infestation that can be harmful to your cat’s health.
  • Clean and happy pet: Enjoy a clean and happy pet when grooming with HotDogs!

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Cat Groomer in Featherbrooke Estate & Noordheuwel

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Cat Groomer in Featherbrooke Estate & Noordheuwel
Cat Groomer in Featherbrooke Estate & Noordheuwel
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