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Trusted Cat Groomers in Edenvale / Bedfordview – If you are in need of an experienced and trusted cat groomer / cat parlour in the Edenvale, Bedfordview or surrounding Johannesburg areas, HotDogs Mobile Dog Grooming Salon can assist, because we groom cats too!

Your cat will be in good hands when left in the care of our groomers, giving you peace of mind that our pet will be taken care of. Trust the professional and experienced groomers from HotDogs to take care of all your cat’s grooming needs. Contact HotDogs today to make a grooming appointment for your cat.

Why do cats need to be groomed?

Many cat owners believe that cats don’t need to be groomed professionally.

But cats benefit from professional grooming just like dogs. Cats are known to walk around and visit other areas at night, which can bring them into contact with germs, dirt and bugs like fleas and ticks. Firstly, a good grooming session will remove loose hair and dirt. It also gets rid of out mats and tangles and promotes the production of the skin’s natural oils. Grooming also protects your cat from being infested with ticks and fleas, and removed harmful germs and bacteria that can accumulate on the coat. Regular grooming will help your cat to have a healthy and shiny coat.

We provide a professional cat grooming service

Most cats are not fond of grooming, making it quite stressful and traumatising for some cats. This is probably the main reason why cat owners choose not to groom their cats themselves. Grooming your cat regularly with a cat salon can help familiarise them with the process.

HotDogs Mobile Cat Grooming Salon offers a mobile cat grooming service in Bedfordview, Edenvale and many other Johannesburg areas, to make it easier and more convenient for cat owners to have their cat groomed on a regular basis. Our mobile cat salon is fully equipped and our team members experienced to groom your cat professionally, causing as little stress to the cat as possible. A major advantage of making use of our mobile cat parlour is that your cat won’t wait in a cage, and doesn’t need to be transported – we will groom your cat right on your doorstep in our mobile salon.

The HotDogs grooming service include:

  • Thorough comb to remove loose hair
  • Warm wash and conditioning treatment
  • Warm rinse
  • Tick and flea treatment
  • Cleaning of ears, eyes and nails.
  • Anti-bacterial sprits
  • Powder and perfume and more.

Get in touch with HotDogs for cat grooming in Edenvale & Bedfordview

Contact us at HotDogs Mobile Grooming Salon today for more information about our cat grooming service, and to make an appointment with the trusted cat groomers in Edenvale and Bedfordview. Don’t struggle to drive your cat to a cat parlour in Johannesburg, when a fully equipped mobile salon can come to your home!


Cat Groomer in Edenvale / Bedfordview - Call HotDogs

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Cat Groomer in Edenvale / Bedfordview - Call HotDogs
Cat Groomer in Edenvale / Bedfordview - Call HotDogs
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